Tourist Visa In Japan

Tourist Visa In Japan: A Simple Guide             

Embark on a journey to the Land of the Rising Sun with the essential first step: obtaining your tourist visa for Japan. Don’t worry! We’ve got your back!

This article is your lantern, illuminating the path through the delicate intricacies of the Japanese visa process. Whether you’re dreaming of cherry blossoms in Kyoto or the neon lights of Tokyo, we’ll guide you through each requirement to ensure your Japanese adventure begins smoothly and beautifully.

Let’s dive in!

Who Needs A Tourist Visa Or E-VISA In Japan?

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If you are a citizen of one of the following countries, you can temporarily go to Japan visa-free for vacation or business for up to 90 days

Nationals from any of these regions are assigned Temporary Visitor status:

  • Andorra
  • Canada
  • Bahamas
  • Argentina
  • Dominican Republic
  • Guatemala
  • Iceland
  • New Zealand
  • Honduras 
  • etc

When Do You Need The Tourist Visa Or E-VISA Of Japan?

A Japan tourist visa is a short-term stay visa for the purposes of sightseeing, visiting friends, or attending conferences or courses. 

A tourist visa is typically valid for a single-entry stay of up to 90 days. Tourists can also apply for a double-entry visa for 2 short trips within 6 months.

It is important to note that the Japanese tourist visa does not allow travelers to participate in paid work or study while in the country.

Accordingly, you must apply for a student work visa (national visa) or other visa types according to your purpose of entry if you wish to enter for reasons other than tourism.

Some other types of short-stay visas include:

Business Visa

There is a temporary business visa for stays of up to 90 days, which can be a single or double-entry visa if both trips are within 6 months. 

Business purposes include conferences, meetings, signing contracts, and market surveys.

Transit Visa 

Some nationalities need a transit visa to stop in Japan when going to an onward destination. Many travelers do not need this as long as they stay within the allocated zone and do not leave the airport.

How Do You Obtain A Tourist Visa In Japan?

You must apply for a Japan Tourist Visa from a Representative Office of Japan abroad (Embassy or Consulate) or through an accredited travel agency.

 This process is as follows:

  • Contact the Japanese Embassy/Consulate to make an appointment for the submission of the application. However, some Japanese Embassies do not accept individual applications, so you must apply through a travel agency. The agency will submit the application at the Embassy or Consulate on your behalf.
  • Gather the required documents for a Japan visa 
  • Submit the documents at the Embassy/Consulate or the travel agency.
  • Wait for the visa to be processed. This usually takes 5 working days, starting when the Japanese Representative Office receives your completed application.
  • Collect your passport from the Embassy/Consulate/travel agency. 

If the application has been approved, your visa will be affixed, and you can use it to travel to Japan within three months.

Remember that incomplete documents will require additional visits to the embassy or result in the need to reapply.

What Documents Are Required For The Tourist Visa?

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You are obliged to prepare the following documents:

  • Passport Visa Application Form & one photograph (4.5cm x 4.5cm
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of Student Card(only if the applicant is still registered as a college student) 
  • Flight itinerary issued by a travel agency or airline office Itinerary with information on places you plan to visit and stay. 
  • Documents certifying the relationship between you and your relatives living in Japan 
  • Documents certifying the relationship between you and your friends/acquaintances living in Japan (such as photos, letters, etc.) 
  • Copy of documents certifying the relationship between each applicant, such as family registration card, etc. (for group applicants only)
  • Certificate of Employment Invitation Letter 

You must also bring along proof of sufficient funds to defray all the expenses while in Japan: 

  • If you, your relative/friend outside Japan, or an organization/institution where you belong to pay for your trip, you must have a copy of the bank statement for the last 3 months. If you are not paying for your trip, you must submit documents certifying the relationship between you and the one who pays for your trip.  
  • As well as the letter from the organization/institution where you belong that certifies the purpose of the visit
  • Suppose your relatives/friends in Japan or an organization/institution in Japan pay for your trip. In that case, you should have the following:
    1. Letter of Guarantee
    2. A copy of documents on the guarantor
    3. A copy of the bank statement for the last three months
    4. A copy of the bankbook for recent three months
    5. A certificate of employment with information on the duration of employment and amount of annual income
    6. Domicile certificate
    7. A copy of the legal registration or an Overview of the Company/Organization in Japan.

Additional documents may be required according to your specific situation.

What Is The Japanese E-VISA?

It is a system that enables applicants to apply for a visa online and issues an electronic visa to applicants for a short-term stay for the purpose of tourism. 

This Japan online visa simplifies the visa application process by eliminating the need for in-person visits to embassies or consulates.

As of November 1, 2023, Japan eVISA is available to residents in the following countries/regions:

  • Nationals of China who reside in China
  • Nationals of Vietnam who reside in Vietnam 

For the time being, only those Vietnamese who participate in a packaged tour organized by designated travel agencies.

Visa applications must be made through travel agencies accredited by the Japanese overseas establishment. The agencies will begin applying for visas on the Japan eVISA system as soon as their preparations are complete.

How To Obtain A Japanese E-VISA?

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Listed below are the steps on how you can get a Japanese E-VISA:

  • Fill out the online application
  • Complete the online application and pay with credit card or PayPal
  • Receive documents via email
  • Enter destination
  • Present your Passport and the Document upon entry to the destination country

However, it’s important to note that the Japan electronic visa has certain limitations. Here are a few things you cannot do with the E-VISA:

  • Work in Japan without obtaining the necessary work permits or visas.
  • Engage in any form of paid employment or long-term studies.
  • Stay in Japan beyond the permitted duration granted by the eVISA.
  • Visit friends and family.
  • Engage in business activities.
  • Seek medical treatment.
  • Attend special events, festivals, or conferences held in the country.
  • Undertake any activities not in line with the purpose specified in your E-VISA application.

It’s crucial to adhere to the terms and conditions of the Japan eVISA for a legal stay in the country.

To apply for the Japan visa online, you will need the following documents and information:

  1. Passport: A valid passport with a minimum validity of six months beyond your intended stay in Japan. Ensure that your passport has at least two blank pages for visa stamping.
  2. Personal Information: You must provide personal details such as your full name, date of birth, nationality, and gender as they appear in your passport.
  3. Contact Information: Your current address, phone number, and email address should be provided for communication purposes.
  4. Travel Itinerary: Details of your planned itinerary, including your arrival and departure dates, the address of your accommodation in Japan, and any planned activities or destinations.
  5. Employment Details: Suppose you are visiting Japan for business purposes. In that case, you may be required to provide information about your employer, such as the company’s name, position, and the purpose of your visit.
  6. Financial Means: It may be necessary to demonstrate that you have sufficient funds to cover your expenses during your stay in Japan. This can be done by providing recent bank statements or proof of financial capability.
  7. Recent Passport Photo: A digital passport-sized photograph with a plain white background.

Incomplete documentation will result in the cancellation of processing of your eVISA.

What Is The Visa Fees And Processing Time For A Tourist Visa And E-VISA?

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For a single-entry visa, the fee is 3,000 Yen. For a double-entry or multiple-entry visa, the fee is  6,000 Yen

The processing time for a Japanese Tourist Visa is five working days, starting when the Embassy or Consulate receives your completed application.

Generally, the E-VISA issuance fee is 3700 yen, approx. However, the visa fees may be waived or reduced for specific countries and regions based on the nationality of the applicant.

Visas for the Japan E-visa are issued within five working days after all required documents are submitted.


As our guide to securing a tourist visa for Japan draws to a close, remember that this process is your gateway to a world of unparalleled beauty and cultural richness.

Armed with the knowledge from this article, you’re now ready to step into the enchanting streets of Japan with confidence and excitement. Sayonara and safe travels on your journey to discovery!

Japan Awaits!

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